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Repair Shop

At 1MTX we offer Truckload (TL) service, LTL service, local (Saint Louis, greater Saint Louis) transportation, trailer drop, expedited services, and dedicated services. We specialize in the transportation of refrigerated freight as well as dry freight. We carry a large selection of trucks and trailer and will always allow our customers to choose what equipment we use. We also have 24/7 dispatch, satellite tracking on all of our equipment, pre-planned routes to your liking, cargo securement and much more. We can and we will get your product from point A to point B exactly how you want it.


1MTX is glad to announce the opening of our very own repair shop. We offer truck and trailer repair, washing and much more. We all know that no one wants to be at a repair shop. But when the unpleasant time comes we want to get you back on the road as quick as possible. That is why at Mid-States Truck & Trailer Repair we employee the best of the best with years of experience. Our team will save you both time and money. Call or click below for our location and more information.


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